Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

Time really flies that fast. Mcm baru jua prasan ku kami celebrate new year's eve 2008. No plan for tonight since most of the cousins are away to Jakarta or KK or Miri or UK wherever they are. Boy will be working tonight as well.. looks like im going to celebrate new year alone. sigh. Planning to go to MIRI tomorrow but ive to attend a cousin nikah tomorrow and an engagement invitation at night. sigh.. perhaps I can go on the 2nd? Majal..

Eyah where are you? Why you kept on misscalling calling me but I call back no answer? I miss you like crazy like hell.. *gay* tapi banar.. ada kn ku cetakn arah mu tapi aku lupa. And bah bila tani cari kain? baikth lakas sebelum usin ku abis! hahahah.

Im still in holiday and shopping mood. Inda ku puas bh KK. I love 1borneo. It is really a miniature of midvalley minus metrojaya and jusco nada. but im quite surprise to see Tune Departmental Store there. ish ish.. and Burger King at Centrepoint is missing! Inda pulang ku sampai makan burger king.. ada tapi jauh. sia2 pun..

Ok.. Kan sambung buat kraja dulu.. ani kira melapaskn stress saja ni..

Happy New Year!!

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