Tuesday, June 12, 2007

suka hati kau lah labuuu...

Im actually in a mood for posting but i just cant think of a topic to post about. Sigh. Oh lemme just make some addition to the list of Bruneian words from the last post.

Sadau a.k.a Limbu - Shadow . Kan suka ati bh urg tua2 ani. salah jua tu tampat nya memakai word shadow atu... well again this is just my assumption of where the word came about.

And Z.M contributed one word that is Kolget which came from a toothpaste brand COLGATE. Apa pun jenis kolgetnya... masih jua kolget namanya. Thanx Z.M!!!

My job interview with the JPKE was sucks big time!! enuff said. Sakit saja utakku mikirkn. Good Luck to those yg kn interview tomorrow and thursday.

Happy Birthday to my darling Rasinah Hj Zaini... May Allah bless you always. Wish you many more bdays to come. *hugz*

Ok nda ku tau lagi apa kn di ckpkn sakit kepala ku. I need some rest. tata...

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