Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Laila Majnun

Actually im really in the mood to blog. But what am i going to blog about? My days were pretty the same for the past few days or months? haha.. Woke up in the morning which was pretty annoying coz i always sleep late tapi masih jua ku bgn awal! had breakfast, watched DVD sampai tghari, had lunch pastu baru mandi hahaha sambung lagi liat DVD or tidur, ptg2 ke tasek or stadium or going to my aunt's place to play "basketball" but we always ended up cooking and eating. Apart from that, ive been infront of my laptop browsing around people's blog.

Now im watching Las Vegas season 2. Tell you this series is so addictive.. or is it Josh Duhamel that is so addictive. Jatuh cinta ku kn ia atu eh. now i cant wait for this thursday to come! TRANSFORMERS!! I didnt really excited about this movie before not until i found out he acted in this movie. huhuhu....

Josh Duhamel a.k.a Danny McCoy in Las Vegas
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ok forget about that. Have u guys heard about Pon and Zi? Im so loving this two cartoon characters. I even tried the quiz of which character I am Pon or Zi? It turned out that im a Pon! ehehe cute..

Are you Pon or Zi?
Your Result: You are Pon!

Congrats ur Pon! Ur madly in love with Zi and would do just about anything for em. If ur heart had a face it would b smiling. U don't like snails, care a lot about others and u tend cry a lot. U cry mostly for someone you love. Although when ur not cry ur extremely happy!

You are Zi!
Are you Pon or Zi?
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Here is one of the picture i love the most

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more about Pon and Zi click

Phew its 3.16 am! Im still wide awake. I better force my self to sleep. Ok.

p/s: I miss my heart...

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