Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10 days to go...

Baru ku prasan lama dah nda beupdate... Sigh weve come to the last 10 days of Ramadhan. I have a mixture feelings here, half of me is really excited to Raya, but half of me is very sad that Ramadhan is almost over... ive been enjoying Puasa so much... I can feel that puasa this year is different from the past puasas... Ive only missed 2 nights of terawih so far... I havent missed any Puasa jua.. Alhamdulillah. Mudah-mudahan semua amalan ku di terima oleh Allah. Amin.

Its time like this that make me really miss my late babu and late mimit. Last year was the first time we had to celebrate raya without babu. It wasnt fun at all... but i thank Allah for giving me such a loving families and friends... they have always been there for me.. and it helped alot. And I dunno how our raya would be this year knowing another member in the family has missing. We really gonna miss you being around us Mimit!! and yesterday was Mimit's and nini latip's bday. Kalau dulu ia tah yg slalu riuh kalau kn bdaynya... minta hadiah apa.. :) how i really miss you mit!! Semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat .. Amin..Al-Fatihah...

So what else have i been doing? Ive been making small popias for raya, ive also made cornflakes biscuits yg campur honey ah.. hahaha paling sanang.. Thanx to Zatie for the receipe. huhuhu. ahirnya nda jua ku ikut sukatan receipe c zatie bagi.. huhu. and ive been watching 'Atas Lantai Bawah Bumbung' for millionth times already. hahahaha... Ingat kamu masih drama atu? yg si Kudil, si kasum, metussin hj laki sama liau badar belakun ah. This drama was aired durg raya back in 1994. Ingat jua ku tu masih.. sal masa atu aku Primary 5!! Kalau kamu kan meliat ada VCDnya bejual di gerai stadium. byk lagi ceta2 brunei bejual.. especially ceta2 si Kudil sama liau badar. Sindir-Sindir sayang dari 1 - 8 ada! hahahaha. promo aku ah..

Bah limpas sudah subuh panya. ok I think i better stop now... tata!!


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