Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wedding Frenzy

First of all...

Selamat Pengantin Baru


Tina and Fuad (pic courtesy of Ida)

Matul and Fauzi

Ayu and Amir

Last friday, we attend Tina and Fuad's nikah and bersanding. Tina you were really glowing!! You both were gorgeous. Im so happy foy you dear. It was fun to meet some of my old classmates back from arabic school. Sorry Tul we cudnt make it to your nikah and menerima berian.

phewww... atu byk kawan ku kawin! Bulih aku yg pressure kawan2 ku semua kawin.. hahaha. and i couldnt believe our Matul is now married!! hahaha.. She was like our baby in school... Youve grown up so fast tul! apakan.. mcm jauh saja umur kami. Tapi awu bh.. damit bh ko atu tul.. baik saja urg nda mencari mana satu pengantin mana satu flower girl tadi.. huhuhu.. anyhoo you looked gorgeous babe but you are forever will be our 'Pangis'. Good luck with your new life.. and we will always pray for your happiness..

From Matul's bersanding eyah and I went to Ayu's bersanding, nasib saja rumah durg ampir. We thought we were late. Baik saja kami sama2 datang with Amir (the groom). So sempat liat durg besanding... yeay.. Met cboy, bibie and some of my lecturers back in ITB there since Ayu is now teaching in ITB. I love their baju pengantin and im loving the make up. Once again im sooo happy for both of you. We cant wait for Amir jr. and Ayu jr. !! Make lots of them ah... huhuhu.. Amin.

Another congratulations goes to Ida for her engagement last night. Awu nda ko bunyi2 Da ah.. nda apa!! capieeee... baru ko tau kena *tuuut* leh c waida tadi. hahaha. For you and ur fiance Adi, Congratulations, i wish u a lifetime of happiness and may blissful moments fill up all of ure days..mwahhzzz. Welcome to the club!! huhuhu..

More picture of the weddings here

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