Friday, July 13, 2007

ini sarkis dah jinak... dah brapa lama diorang training..

I was browsing thru my multiply. I came across an old friends blog, she was just posting a graduation songs lyrics, FYI ive been listening to that song since the exam result was out last year until the graduation day until now. I cant help it, suddenly my tears rolling down my cheeks. I miss my friends. I miss all the times spent together, good and bad times.

Maybe im just not used to being alone. I used to have friends around me not all the time but most of the time. My days were full of happiness and laughters. There were just so many things to do sampai nda cukup masa kn buat semua atu. Now i can feel the emptiness and the loneliness. My times are now mostly spent alone, watching DVD all day long! I miss going out shopping, watching movies, coffee-ing, ambuyat-ing, cooking sambil lepak-ing di rumah, sleeping over or kalau nda pun jln2 saja nyukat brunei. Now, suddenly there are just so much time to kill and it feels so long. Im not blaming them, I knew this will happen to me or to everyone. I understand that we are now going on to our separate ways. Each and everyone of us have our own commitment. And im very happy for some of my friends who now have their jobs and some of them have decided to continue their studies and I wish them Good Luck...

But I am very thankful to my fiance! Iatah penghibur ku dikala sepi. huhuhu. He has tried his best to make time all for me. Kadangnya time ku stress ia yg jadi mangsa ku. Sampai maybe kwnnya pun jauh ati sudah kn ia kali. Sal jarang lagi ia kena offer bawa jln leh kwn2nya. Maybe sal ia slalu reject their offer for me. Sorry dear. and Sorry to his friends. I didnt mean to take your friend away from you guys. I just need him as much as you guys do. Perhaps im selfish for doing this to him. But i just cant help it. Im sorry.

Bah to kwn2 cboy kalau kamu kn mau cboy slalu ikut kamu jln doakan ku lakas2 dpt kraja!! tapi kalau ku dpt kraja kawin tia kami !! hahaha.. biar kamu nda dpt jln lagi... huhuhu.. nadawah. Tapi kalau kn di pikir2kn puas jua sudah kamu sama ia. Dulu kamu saja monopoly. sampai he hardly had time for me. Iatah masa ku membalas nie. *evil laugh* tapi aying mata ku masih lagi nda mau branti! Damn it.

Ok, I better stop now b4 banjir manggis ani. To all my friends, STPRI and MD friends "the cool F9" we wud call ourselves dulu huhu bari gali!! cool tia krg!! Tapi bnr eh cool kali ah tani dulu ah... , ITB friends, SUAMP RIPAD friends, Amar Pahlawan Friends... I miss you all!! Thank you for being such a great friends. I will never forget all the moments and times weve spent together. Thank you for being shoulders to cry on. You guys have been great... I must say that i am the luckiest girl alive to have all of you in my life. I love you so very much, very strong, to da max!!


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