Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you Eyah!!

Eyah gave me a video for my birthday.. Menangis ku meliat.. bukan pasal apa.. pasal byk gambar ku kurus!! hahahahhahaha... anyway thank you very much darling for the video... *hugs* For those who don't know.. We've been in the same class since Form 1 way back in 1997 at SUAMP RIPAD, we both moved to STPRI in 2000 again we're in the same class infact we sat next to each other. After O'level we went to MD, ani saja kami nda seclass ni.. tapi PS kami sama block. In 2004, we went to ITB taking the same course again and we graduated together. But now, we went to separate path, Eyah continues her study in UBD while I am now working. sigh how I really miss those days, when we were young *jadinya ani tua* and free. I better stop now before banjir. Enjoy the video...

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