Sunday, January 6, 2008


Received an application called 'When Will You Get Married' from a friend in Facebook. Lama sudah ku inda mengaccept application request urg. But this particular application really caught my attention. So i accepted and answered the quiz. Below is the result...

When Will You Get Married?
You already did the test.Based on your score, you will get married 5 Years From Now!You will meet a very special person at the place you work. You will fall in love and end up spending the rest of your life with them. You both will be intelligent and goal oriented, and that will pass on to your kids.

What the heck? 5 freaking years from now?! biar tia ku tua bejanggut kali baruth kawin!! hahahaha. Kalau bulih th ku kawin awal ani. apalahhh... sitau tau jua eh applicationnya ani eh. sasak ku.

On a happier note, Happy 21st Birthday to beloved Sister AZIE!!

No present i can give only one necklace pray, hope long age and cheap money! huhuhu.. Siuk surprise kami tadi atu ah. Nda ketara kn? tapi urg kn buat surprise ani kelaparan!! hahaha.

Sigh im very dissapointed with someone. After what weve gone through all this years, after what ive done to you all this time, this is what i get? I know youve gone through a very hard time. I understand and I know exactly how you feel, but when my help is unappreciated, I am so dissappointed and hurt. Just letting you know, what ever u think, I still love you and I am always here for you. :'(

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