Tuesday, August 28, 2007

down the memory lane....

It has been a while... Sorry i was too busy from doing nothing.. hahaha.. bnrnya nda ku tau apa kn ku cetakn bh.. iatah tu. My daily routines are just pretty the same everyday. Makan Tidur Jalan.
Last Friday.. Manih (babu's sister) decided to make some renovation to her room. So I spent the whole day helping her out. While waiting for the contractor workers doing their work, I decided to go round the house and took some pictures. The house was actually my old house... I lived there since I was born. There were just too much memories there... I remember I cried the last day before we moved to our new home, it was just hard to leave. I remember the house was never been so quiet... Almost all of babu's siblings live there. There were just so many things to do back then. Now that everyone has their own families and moved out... only manih, nini (babu's aunt) and Mabi (babu's 1st cousin) occupied the house.

My parents old room now, after we moved out nini moved in to this room until my late aunty (mimit, babu's sister) decided to moved in to the house. Now that she has left, no one occupies the room. :(

This is my old room! My room was the biggest room in the house. Now nini takes over the room. How I really miss my old room!!... sigh..

Now this place was used to be our favourite place to hang out. There used to be a TV here.. every night all of us will sit around here... masa atu musim mustika silam sama tirai keluarga masih ada! hahahaha... iatah gnyakn di liat. When flood strikes (yes, kg kami slalu kebanjiran!! every year..!!) this place will also transformed to be the kitchen. lol!

Now this is the balcony (jadinya kamu nda tau! hahaha) awu bh. This was another favourite spot to hang out every afternoon after school or work. Makan kacang and samboi. hehehe.

The neighbours!! When i took this picture i cant help but cry. I miss my late Nini Tua Leha (nini's sister in-law and laboy's grandma) alot. She lived just infront of us. Dulu everytime we went out we could see her sweeping the dried leaves around her house with her penyapu lidi. Kami dulu slalu main dirumahnya... Kalau musim mangga kami suka memupul mangga dari beranda rumahnya... hehe. pastu kena marah. hahaha. Those were the days. Nini Tua Leha passed away last year in sept, 5 months after my mom, followed by Allahyarham uncle Hj Hamidoon around 2 months after and a week after he left, mimit passed away.. i can say that last year was the toughest year for all of us. Babu's first cousin, aunty Aloh also left us last year in August. Semoga roh mereka di cucuri rahmat and semoga mereka di tempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

I think i better stop now. I need to get in to the shower... tata!!


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